Classifications for Yachts

Expert Author Craig Ellyard

Yachts come in a variety of sizes and styles, and are therefore labelled with different names or categories. Construction and design are the factors that determine the categories into which vessels fall. The International Association of Classification Societies is the umbrella organization for several classification societies that determine the status of yachts. Read more now on yacht supplies mallorca

Comparing the different types or categories of vessels is a useful tool when a buyer is looking to purchase a yacht. The different categories or types of vessel are useful comparative tools for a buyer when purchasing a yacht.

There are several labels for motorised and sailing yachts. The day sailing yachts can be classified as dinghies if they are less than 20ftin in length. They are not designed for night sailing and do not have a cabin. However, a section of the boat at the front can be used as storage.

Weekender yachts can be beached safely at low tide because they are less than 30ft in length and sail in shallow water. These yachts are capable of short trips, up to three-day journeys. The single cabin provides added comfort to the crew, as it can accommodate two or three people.

The cruising yacht is the next category for those who want more out of their vessel. The cruising boat is 25 to 45 feet long. These yachts are extremely popular and have many different designs. These types of boats are used by families for sailing and have several cabins below deck, a shower and a galley. Cruisers are larger yachts of 50ft or more. These yachts can be customized for the buyer and have luxury interiors. Cruiser yachts can make long trips across the ocean, and have top speeds of more than six knots.

Luxury sailing yachts are the ultimate choice for yacht owners. The luxury sailing yacht can be up to 82ft long. With the advent of cheaper fibreglass hulls owners are able to buy and order even more luxurious crafts.

Larger sailing yachts of 130 feet are often awash with luxury, from air conditioning and television to electric lighting. On board, they may have a GPS, radar, autopilot, and echo sounding system.

Racing yachts are available for the sportsman. The yachts can accommodate large crews of up to 15 people for sea races and up to 30 persons for inshore events. They also reach speeds up to 35 knots.

The motor yachts classification is similar to that of sailing yachts, ranging from the basic day cruiser to the luxury yacht with all the top-class amenities.

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